Air Conditioning

Our Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Inverter Technology provides high-speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models.

Energy Savings

Vector-wave Eco Inverter: This inverter produces the most efficient waveform in response to variations in compressor motor frequency. Operating efficiency is improved throughout the entire speed range, leading to a reduction in annual electricity cost.
DC Fan Motor: Our outdoor units are equipped with an extremely efficient DC motor. Depending on operating conditions, efficiency is up to 60% greater than equivalently rated AC motors.
Magnetic Flux Vector Sine Wave Drive: A microprocessor converts the motor's electrical current waveform into a sine waveform (180°conductance), enabling the motor winding ratio to be increased while energy loss is reduced.
Econo Cool Temperature Control: "Econo Cool" is an intelligent temperature control feature that adjusts the airflow distributed in the room depending on the air outlet temperature. Temperature settings can be raised 2°C without any loss in room comfort. That's equal to a 20% gain in energy efficiency.
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