Why Choose Split System Air Conditioning?

Experience year-round cosy comfort, that is cost effective and energy efficient.
Split System air conditioning is the ideal option for smaller area's such as townhouses, units, home offices ect. Through to bigger spaces such as commercial workshop and open living plans. Split systems range in capacity and can comfortably climate control area from small to large open spaces. Providing your family a climate-controlled home will help keep your family healthy in winter and cool in summer. Split systems are cost effective to install and operate, meaning you can provide your family with a climate controlled home that won't hurt the family budget.

Split System air conditioning
Split System air conditioning unit

What is a Split System?

Split system air conditioners provide you with the multiple benefits of energy saving, comfort and high power technology.

High Wall Split Air Conditioning units have become the most popular type of air conditioner used in Australia today. A High Wall Split Air Conditioner consists of two components "split" to accommodate installation in a wide variety of situations. An unobtrusive and slim lined High Wall indoor unit provides the conditioned area with the heating and cooling function. The split capability allows for the Indoor unit to be located where it is most needed. This also allows for the Outdoor unit to be mounted in a location where it has minimal impact on the aesthetic and environmental aspects of a building.

Global Heating & airconditioning provide custom design solutions with quality installation to meet almost any customers' requirements. High Wall Split Air Conditioners are available in a wide range of capacities to suit the smallest of bedrooms through to large commercial building applications.

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